WiFi Smartphone Camera Interface Module

See your camera on iOS or Android!

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This is a really cool solution for vehicles that do not have a monitor, or when the camera is being swapped between vehicles!


This interface creates a WiFi connection between your Android or iOS device and the rear view camera so you can view the camera display on your mobile phone or tablet screen! The kit comes with a download link so you can download and install the mobile application that controls the camera. Simply connect your mobile device to the WiFi transmitter’s SSID and the app will automatically launch when you go to reverse, displaying the camera (see limitations below). The app will also take photos, record video, and has a parking guideline program that can be overlaid on the screen. The video input connection is RCA so connect virtually any afermarket camera!


Kit includes 1 WiFi transmitter and instructions. 1 year warranty on the transmitter.


NOTES:  The application will auto launch on Android but requires it to be logged in as it will not bypass PIN or pattern.  iOS devices will require the application to be launched manually each time.  Transmitter may take up to 30 seconds to make initial WiFi connection when car ignition is turned on since it has to establish the wireless network connectivty to your tablet or phone (connection speed my vary by mobile device).  After each initial power cycle the camera display is instantaneous when triggered by reverse or other source.


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