2013-2014 F150 Plug & Play Replacement Camera Module

This kit is compatible with 2013-2014 F series trucks with a factory backup camera in the emblem. This kit will not work on trucks that did not come from the factory with a backup camera.


NOTE: Factory Ford emblem and Housing are NOT included with this kit.

If you are looking to add a camera to your truck please see part number CS-FTR1. ****FITS 2013-2014 F150. This camera is an affordable aftermarket replacement to Ford part number BL3Z-19G490. It requires the vehicle to already have had a backup camera installed at the factory. This camera module will fit in your factory tailgate emblem housing and plug into the factory harness, just like a factory camera would. This camera uses a Super CMOS sensor so the picture quality is crisp, clear, and colorful just like your factory camera was! In fact, we even replicated the factory parking guidelines so you can continue to utilize that feature for added safety and convenience. You can also purchase this kit with a replacement housing/emblem assembly in case yours was damaged or stolen. NOTE: HOUSING IN PHOTO IS NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS CAMERA. It is possible that your Ford emblem will get damaged when removing it from the base during camera replacement. You can get a replacement emblem from Ford part number CL3Z*9942528*b or you can buy the complete kit from us that includes the housing and emblem part number CS-FTRa-MOD1114-EH. The factory zoom feature will be disabled with this camera

This kit comes with the following components:

  • Camera Source Super CMOS camera module designed to fit the factory Ford housing.  HOUSING AND EMBLEM NOT INCLUDED.
  • Plug and play camera harness for 2013-2014 Models

Camera Details:

  • Super CMOS – 600 TV lines of resolution – the best available and only from Camera Source
  • Factory parking guidelines in the display
  • 170 degree view
  • .1 minimum lux night vision
  • 3 year warranty! Don’t pay big bucks at your Ford dealer to replace your camera when you can do it yourself for a fraction of the price!

NOTE:  The factory zoom feature will be disabled with this camera

This kit will not work on trucks that did not come from the factory with a backup camera.

In mid 2013 (approximately May of 2013) Ford did an update on the housing and emblem design so that the emblem can be removed without breaking it.  In addition the new emblem has less tendency to fade like the original one did.  That being said if you have a mid year 2013 or older we recommend getting the entire housing/emblem assembly so that the new camera fits tight and everything goes together as it should.

To confirm you will need to check the driver’s side door tag for your vehicle manufacture date.  If that date is May of 2013 or really close it will be hard to tell which style of emblem and housing you have.  In this scenario you may want to remove your emblem to determine if the mounting is the pin style(new) or s-hook style(old).

If you are ordering just the camera, and you have determined that you have the old mounting style emblem, use part number CS-FTRa-MOD-1112 to ensure you receive the old style emblem. 

Or simply order part number CS-FTRA-MOD-1114-EH, emblem and housing option, to receive the newest version of both.